Improve your prestashop loading time

This article will discuss on how to improve your prestashop loading time.

Prestashop default installation usually are developer friendly, basically most of the caching options are off for the purpose of development and troubleshooting.

After the website is setup and ready for use, many a times, the caching options are not updated for better performance, in this article we will share with you the performance gain. Update the options and access your website to see the noticeable speed difference.

Login via Prestashop backend

1. Login to your prestashop admin page
2. Click on Preference, look for “Force Compile” and set it to false.

Improve your prestashop loading time through the use of phpmyadmin

1. Select database
2. Click on SQL
3. Enter “UPDATE ps_configuration SET value = ‘0’ WHERE name=’PS_SMARTY_FORCE_COMPILE’;” and click Go


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Improve your prestashop loading time

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