Confused with Linux or Windows Hosting?

Linux and Windows are operating systems which a web server runs. There is a common misconception that if you are running Windows on your home computer, then you need to have Windows web hosting. This is false. You can enjoy the benefits of Linux web hosting without even knowing the slightest bit about Linux – and you don’t need to run Linux on your home computer too!

Linux or Windows Hosting

There is no real difference in terms of processing speed between the two web hosting platforms. However Linux is slightly faster in processing basic web pages.

Linux holds a slight edge due to the fact that the most of the software licenses are open source and it is easier to maintain Linux servers as compared to Windows® servers for the same level of reliability and performance. Unless you specifically plan to use Windows®  platform specific features for example, it probably makes sense to choose the Linux platform.

Essential programs such as Microsoft FrontPage can also be successfully used with Linux technology. In fact, FrontPage Extensions are offered with Linux hosting packages. Linux is an excellent operating system that is well suited to meet your web hosting needs. Additionally, there are a huge amount of free applications available on the Internet for Linux and it uses less hardware resources than Windows 2003. Whether you are a fairly experienced webmaster or new to web hosting, it is recommended that you choose Linux as your hosting platform.

We understand that you may either prefer PHP or ASP/ Therefore we support both Windows and Linux. However, please that to subscribe to our Windows hosting, you will need to subscribe to a Dedicated Server Plan.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Linux or Windows Hosting


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