Linux vs Windows Hosting

Linux and Windows are operating systems which a web server runs. One of the common misconceptions is that if you are running a Windows OS on your home computer or laptop, then you need to have Windows Hosting. This is incorrect. You can enjoy Linux Hosting on your home computer any time. 

What Is Linux 

Linux Hosting is the most popular operating system due to it being an open-source platform. This allows codes to be changed and redistributed without restrictions. Being open-source, most website hosting providers prefers this than the Windows platform as it allows greater customisation in server and user options. 

Those in the field of web design, they prefer Linux Hosting since many developers rely on cPanel to manage the hosting platform. cPanel is a feature used to simplify operations on your Linux platform. Linux hosting is most used today due to affordability and flexibility. 

What Is Windows 

Windows sounds familiar as it is the most popular operating system used in home computers or laptops. However, Windows Hosting is a website hosting that uses Windows operating system. This provides compatibility with Windows Tools, i.e. 

If Linux Hosting has a cPanel, with Windows this is called Plesk Panel. Other users may know that Windows Hosting can use Windows server hosting interface directly, Plesk panel can be more user friendly. 

Comparing both, performance-wisestabilitysecurity and ease of use don’t have a clear indication of which is better. It all boils down to what users typically use and is comfortable with. These two web hosting offer the same level of proficiency, so choosing between the two will depend on what kind of technologies your website needs. 

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