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How to Export and Import Emails in Mac Mail

Emails on your Mac Mail are safe and searchable. It is also accessible anywhere on either IMAP/POP or Exchange server. It can be basic and portable on Mac Mail in amboxfile. 

Just like Outlook’s .pst file, .mbox file keeps current emails safe in case there are troubles on the machine or email client itself. Exporting from your Mac Mail may not be as straightforward, but it is easy. 

Export Emails

Step 1. Open Mac Mail. 
Step 2. Select the email address you’d like to back up.

Step 3. Click Mailboxand choose Export Mailbox…

Step 4. Choose a folder where the file will be saved. Click Choose.

Mac Mail will then export the mailbox selected as a .mbox file. If there are existing files, it will overridethe current one saved and name it as INBOX2.mbox, etc.

Import Emails

Step 1. Open Mac Mail. 
Step 2. Click Fileand chooseImport Mailboxes… 

Step 3. On Import, select Files in mbox format and click Continue. 

Step 4. Locate.mbox file and click Choose. 

Step 5. Click Done.

Theimported emails are saved in the folder namedImport. You have the option to transfer the emails to your email account or through the Inboxand delete the Import folder once it is empty. 

Should you have any troubles with Mac Mail, you may contact Apple Support directly. Otherwise, our Singaporeand AustraliaSupport Team is always available 24/7 to help you out. 

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Updated on July 3, 2020

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