How to Make the Error Message Show on a Magento Site

A blank, white page on a website suggests that something is wrong with the website. But it can’t be fixed if the cause of the issue is not determined. Thus, an error message is helpful to come up with an appropriate solution and to avoid making more issues on the website. Most of the time, the error message is turned off by default. Follow the steps below on how to make the error message appear on a Magento website when something is wrong.   

Step 1Log in to cPanel or access your website files via FTP connection.  

Step 2. Click File Manager. Skip this step if you are logging in via FTP.  

File Manager Button in cPanel

Step 3. Locate the app/bootstrap.php file. 

Step 4. Right click on the file and select Edit.  

Step 5. Click the Edit button. 

Edit Bootstrap File of Magento

Step 6. Click Edit on the pop-up.   

Step 7. Locate the line shown in the screenshot below.  

Magento Display Error Line

Step 8. Remove the [#] hashtag to uncomment the line.  

Step 9. Click the Save Changes button. 

The previously blank web page of your website should now display an error message. This error message helps for troubleshooting the website issue.  

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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