How to Install WordPress via FTP

If you don’t have access to the Control Panel or Vodien Account ManagerWordPress can still be installed via FTP. Follow the instructions below on how to do it.  


Step 1. Access the WordPress download page. 

Step 2. Click the Download WordPress 5.7 button.  

Tip: If you want a version older than WordPress 5.7access WordPress Releases page and download your preferred version of WordPress. However, older versions are not safe to use because they are not actively maintained by WordPress.

Download WordPress 5.7 Button

Step 3. Wait for the download to finish.  

Step 4. Locate the file on your computer and extract the compressed file 

Step 5. From your computer, upload all files and folders inside the wordpress folder to the web hosting server. You can follow this link to see how to upload files and folders to FTP client 

Step 6. Access your website’s domain or subdomain on the web browser without the HTTP.  

Step 7. Select your preferred language and click Continue to proceed to the next page.  

WordPress Installation Select Language Page

Step 8. Read the instructions in the box. The details needed can be obtained during the creation of the database.  

Step 9. Click the Let’s go! button.  

WordPress Database Instructions

Step 10. Enter the details asked in each box. The highlighted boxes are the usual details that need to be edited. The last two boxes can be left as they are and can be changed later on.  

Step 11. Click the Submit button to save the details and to proceed to the next page.  

Enter WordPress Database Details

Step 12. Click the Run the installation button.  

WordPress Run the Installation Button

Step 13. Enter the website details asked in each corresponding boxes. Take note of the username and password that you set up as these are the credentials needed to login to the WordPress admin page.

Step 14. Click the Install WordPress button.

Enter WordPress Site Information Page

Step 15. A successful installation message will show on the next page. Click the Log In button to log in to the WordPress admin page.  

WordPress Successful Installation Page

You can now try to log in to the WordPress admin page using the username and password you have set up.  

Do not hesitate to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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