Manually Install Magento via SSH

This installation is only applicable if you have a VPS or a Dedicated Server package.


Manually Install Magento via SSH

Step 1. Download Magento Package.

(Please note that you must have an account with Magento in order for you to be able to download.)


Select the format of the Magento file you want to download and click Download button. It is recommended that you use version since it is most compatible with Vodien’s server. select-magento-version

Step 2. Unlike other CMS, Magento’s download button is encrypted with JavaScript and we’re unable to have the download link right away for the zip or tar file. Which means wget option for SSH is not applicable in this case and you need to manually upload the file to the web space.

Upload the file through the File Manager.

select-magento-zip uploaded-magento

You may also upload it via FTP.


Step 3. Access SSH (Windows PC) (MAC OSx).

Step 4. Locate your Magento file (image 1 and 2).

SSH command:

cd /home/cpanel_username/public_html

ls -alh


Unzip or untar Magento file (image 3). Kindly check the extension of the file first.

SSH command:


untar magento-file-name.tar

Step 5. Your SSH screen must show the Magento files.magento-unzipped

Step 6. Open a browser and access the site. Make sure that your domain name is pointing to the correct directory. If the domain destination is right, it should redirect you to the index.php/install page.magento-installation-wizard

Step 7. Tick on the check box for the terms and conditions. Click Continue button.

Step 8. Select your location, time zone and currency.


Step 9. Enter your database details.database-magento

Step 10. Double check the base URL and admin path. (You may edit the information if needed.) Click Continue.


Step 11. Enter administrative details. Click Continue.


Step 12. Your Magento site has been successfully installed. Make sure to take note of your Encryption Key. You may click on Go to Frontend or Go to Backend to edit the site.encryption-key-magento

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Manually Install Magento via SSH


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