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How to Install OpenCart via FTP

OpenCart is an e-commerce-based website application that you can use if you have an online business. An easy way to install it is through the cPanel (Control Panel) via Softaculous Apps Installer. However, iyou don’t have access to the Control Panel or Vodien Account Manager, OpenCart can still be installed via FTP. Follow the instructions below on how to install it. 


Step 1. Follow this link to go to the OpenCart download page.  

Step 2. Click the Download Now button.  

OpenCart Download Button

Step 3. The zip file will be downloaded to your computer. Wait for the download to finish. 

Step 4. Locate the file on your computer and extract the compressed file. 

Step 5. From your computer, upload all files and folders inside the opencart folder, alongside with the index.php file, to your web hosting server. You can follow this link to see how to upload files and folders to FTP client. 

Step 6. Access your website’s domain or subdomain on the web browser without the HTTP. 

Step 7. Finish the four-page configuration to completely install OpenCart. 

License Agreement  

Read the Terms and Conditions and click the Continue button to agree.

OpenCart Installation License Agreement Page 


a. Rename the two config-dist.php files to as stated on the 4th requirement. The first config-dist.php to be renamed is in the website files alongside the index.php that was uploaded and the 2nd one is inside the admin folder. These files can be renamed via FTP or File Manager in your cPanel.  

Rename Required Files for OpenCart Installation

b. Click the Continue button to proceed to the next page.  

OpenCart Server Requirements


a. Enter the database details on number 1. The details on the highlighted boxes below can be obtained from your web hosting server during the creation of the database.  

b. Enter a username, password, and email address for the administration page of your website.  

c. Click the Continue button to proceed.  

OpenCart Database Configuration Page

Step 8. The complete installation message is shown on the 4th page. Click the LOGIN TO YOUR ADMINISTRATION button to start editing your online shop.  

OpenCart Complete Installation Page

OpenCart Login Page

Do not hesitate to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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Updated on January 19, 2021

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