Move emails tagged by SpamAssassin

Browsing through your spam emails is extremely important, at time even the best Spam filtering software does have false positive. For non IMAP / Webmail users, in particular POP3 users, it is advisable to use your local mail client to filter the emails to a particular folder upon receiving. Note that performing the below mentioned steps will keep the Spam mails on the server which would be calculated towards your disk space quota. Please be guided by the instructions below on how to move emails tagged by SpamAssassin to a specific folder.

Perform these steps in order to keep your Spam emails in a designated folder.

There are two different level of filtering:

  • Account Level Filtering
  • User Level Filtering

You will need to decide if you would like to filter your Spam emails for all users and have it kept in one directory, or filtering it only for an account. Non filtered Spam emails will contain ***SPAM*** in your Subject.

Before you begin, from your CPanel, navigate to Spam Assassin™, ensure that SpamAssassin is currently Enabled and Spam Auto Delete is Disabled.

From home, select either User Level Filtering or Account Level Filtering.
Note: For User Level Filtering, click on Manager Filters for your selected account.

Click “Create a new Filter” button, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter a unique name in the Filter Name field
  2. From Rules section, select Subject in the first drop down box
  3. Select contains
  4. Type ***SPAM*** in the third box
  5. From action section, select Deliver to folder
  6. Type /home/username/mail/
    Note: Replace username with your account username, with your full domain name without www. and emailaccountusername without the

Wait for a spam email to come in to verify it works.

For webmail and IMAP users, you will need to manually subscribe to the folder.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Move emails tagged by SpamAssassin

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