Why Is There No Email From a Trusted Contact

There are instances that you are expecting an email from someone and you don’t receive it in your inbox even after you whitelisted their email address on spamGuard and on Spam Filter in cPanel. The easiest way to identify the cause is to ask the sender if he received a bounce back message and resolve the issue from the error received. But it’s not all the time that a bounce back message is generated. The best way is to check the email delivery report via the Track Delivery option in cPanel 

Email Receiving Process

Note:  The email delivery report in cPanel only includes the emails successfully received by your Vodien cPanel accountEmails that are not displaying on the Delivery Report are either not successfully sent by the sender’s mailbox or filtered by Vodien sPamGuard (if you have one). 

How to Access Email Delivery Report in cPanel 

Follow the steps below on how to see the delivery reports of the emails you are sending and receiving. 

Step 1. Log in to cPanel. 

Step 2. Click Track Delivery under Email 

Track Delivery Option in cPanel

Step 3. Enter the recipient email in the box provided to filter the delivery reports. The reports can be overwhelming especially if there are a lot of deliveries happening in this cPanel account.  

Filter Recipient Email in Track Delivery

Step 4. Click Run Report 

Step 5. Tick the corresponding box/es of the delivery statuses you want to be displayed in the delivery reports.  

The table displays the emails that are sent to you and the reason why they are not successfully delivered. The reason is specified under the Result column as shown in the screenshot below.  

Email Delivery Reports Table

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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