How to Set up Email Exchange in Outlook 2016

You will be guided on how to set up your Email Exchange on your Outlook 2016. However, this is for the Exchange set up where you can have the full experience of how your email works. Auto account setup is likely done if your Outlook is used for the first time. There is another way which is setting up your email manually. 

You also have another way in setting up your Email Exchange which using the POP or IMAP protocol. 

Before you continue on the steps, make sure that you have already had our Support Team create your email address. If you have it handy, continue with the steps below:

Step 1. Open Outlook.
Step2.Welcomepage will come up, click on Next.

Step 3. On theAdd an Email Account page, you will be asked to add an email account for Microsoft Outlook. Select Yesand clickNext.

Step 4. Enter your profile information on theAuto Account Setuppage, and click Next.

Step 5. Outlook will search for your server for the configuration, click Finishonce done.

If you already have emails inside your Inbox, this will slowly download for you to read and check. This may take time, kindly keep your Outlook open and connected to the internet.

If you require any assistance, our Singapore and Australia Support Team is always available 24/7 to help you out.

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