How to set up your email account in Outlook 2016?

Outlook 2016 Email Setup

If you wish to access your email account with Outlook 2016, please follow the instructions below on how to set up email with Outlook 2016

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Step 1. Open Outlook and select File.

Step 2. Click on Add Account button in the Account .


Step 3. Enter the email address.

Step 4. Click the Advanced options drop-down and tick the checkbox “Let me set up my account manually”.

Step 5. Click Connect button.

Step 6. Select POP or IMAP.

Step 7. Enter the Incoming mail and Outgoing mail server settings

Non-SSL: (replace with your actual domain)

SSL: You may use the or your hostname (example: The Incoming and Outgoing mail servers depend on what server your email account is currently hosted. For Shared Hosting to check what your Host Name is, try to access (you need to replace with your actual domain name, example: Information in this article are just examples and not your mail server.

Step 8. Select the Encryption method.

Incoming mail (IMAP SSL): SSL/TLS

Incoming mail (POP SSL): Tick the checkbox “This server requires encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)

Outgoing mail (SSL): SSL/TLS

Incoming mail (IMAP Non-SSL): None

Incoming mail (POP Non-SSL): Untick the checkbox “This server requires encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)

Outgoing mail (Non-SSL): None

Step 9. Enter port numbers.

Incoming mail Port IMAP (SSL): 993

Incoming mail Port POP (SSL): 995

Outgoing mail Port (SSL): 465

Incoming mail Port IMAP (Non-SSL): 143

Incoming mail Port POP (Non-SSL): 110

Outgoing mail Port (Non- SSL): 25 or 26

Step 10. Click Next.

Step 11. Enter email account password.

Step 12. Click Connect button.

Step 14. Adding the email account is complete. Click OK button.

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