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How to Pay Invoices Due

Keep track of all your Invoices, including unpaid ones, via your Account Manager. Access your Billing History and pay Invoices due by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the SG or AU Account Manager.
  2. Click on your Profile Name beside the Shopping Cart icon at the top-right section of the Home page, then select Billing History.
    Or, click the Edit Profile button on the Home page, then select Billing History from the left-side menu.
  3. Under Invoices Due, click on the Invoice # that you wish to pay for and click the Pay Invoice link that appears on its right.
    The Invoices Due section will only appear if you have unpaid Invoices. Otherwise, only the Paid Invoices section will be available.
  4. Select your preferred Payment Type, fill-out the required fields (if any) , then click on the Pay & Activate button.

Need more help with your billing? Contact our SG or AU Support Team today!

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Updated on July 1, 2020

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