How do i create a PHP info page

You can use a PHP info page to view the current PHP settings of the server.

This file outputs a large amount of information, such as:

  • PHP extensions such as exec,allow_url_open,
  • Current PHP version of the server
  • PHP environment

Steps to create:

  1. To login to your cpanel account via [ replace with actual domain name]
  2. Go to File Manger under “files” and click go
  3. Select “New File” at the top left hand side
  4. Create a new file call “phpinfo.php” and ensure it is under /public_html and click “Create New File”
  5. Select the newly created file and click on “Code Editor” and click “Edit”
  6. Click Save on the top right hand corner
  7. Test it out by going to

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

PHP info page

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