Common Issues with Publicly Registered Domain Names

Learn more about publicly registered domain names and its common issues.

Publicly Registered Domain Names

When you register a domain name and choose Public Registration, your contact information like email address, business or home address, name and telephone number is accessible to the public view via WhoIs. Some domain names do not have an option to register it in private due to its TLD.

Common Issues

  • Personal Details are shown to the public.
  • Getting Spam Emails (e.g. Domain SEO Service)
  • Other interested domain registrants will contact you
  • Random phone calls from unknown numbers
  • Random mails in your home or business address

Please take note that the above-mentioned issues are widespread, and Vodien will not be able to prevent the above from happening when your domain information is public. However, you may avail ID Protection for S$12/year so that all domain registrant details are kept in private. (Learn more about Domain Privacy.)

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Publicly Registered Domain Names

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