How to purchase a dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP

-is a unique and exclusive internet address (internet protocol) that can be assigned and be used solely to one hosting account.


All hosting packages are assigned with a Shared IP Address which is shared across all hosting customers residing within the same hosting server. With a Dedicated IP Address, you will not be sharing the IP Address with any other customers as this unique IP Address is assigned solely to the customer’s hosting account. All IP Addresses have their own reputation and a negative reputation can affect the receiving of your email messages by external recipients which can be filtered away by their anti-spam filtering service. By having a Dedicated IP Address, this will ensure that all outbound email messages that are sent out from your hosting service account will reflect this unique IP Address which is only utilized by your organization and not shared with anyone else at all.

Purchase a Dedicated IP

You need to email our Sales Department to purchase a dedicated IP address. Our support engineers will then assign the IP address to your cPanel. Please do note that only one dedicated IP can be assigned per cPanel. Additionally, a downtime within 6-12 hours is expected in your account due to IP address change.

When emailing our Sales Team:

  • Use the registered contact email address.
  • Please provide the domain name associated to the hosting account.

Price: S$10 per month or S$120 per year

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

purchase a dedicated IP

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