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How to Buy SSL With External Hosting

You can still buy an SSL certificate from us even if your domain name or web hosting is not with Vodien. In order for us to process your purchased SSL certificate, obtain these three requirements from your web hosting provider and email these to us: 

  1. Server operating system 
  2. Web server software 
  3. Certificate Signing Request (CSR) 

Before an SSL provider issues the certificate to a domain, you need to prove that you have full control of the domain name. This process is called DCV (Domain Control Validation). There are different DCV methods but Vodien uses Email Challenge-Response DCV. In this method, the SSL provider sends an email containing the DCV code and the owner of the domain name needs to follow a link to put the DCV code in. Below are the following email addresses where the DCV code can be sent. 

  • admin@ 
  • administrator@ 
  • hostmaster@ 
  • postmaster@ 
  • webmaster@ 
  • Registrant email address as displayed in WHOIS  

Send us an email containing any of the email addresses listed above along with the first three requirements obtained from your web hosting provider. Process the DCV on the email address you have specified. The certificate file is sent to you once all requirements are met. The certificate file can then be installed on your web hosting server.  

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions.

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Updated on June 7, 2021

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