How to Recover Deleted Folders and Files

There could be files or folders that were accidentally deleted or has been deleted and you wish to recover them. Learn more about Vodien’s recovery system.

Vodien Data Backup is available for all clients with Web Hosting and Business Hosting plans which is powered by JetBackup which can generate backups on a daily or weekly basis. For all Web Hosting packages, you may avail the Premium Data Backup addon.

Web Hosting Plans – Weekly Backup, lasts up to 2 weeks (1 copy per week)

Business Hosting Plans – Daily Backups, lasts up to 7 days (7 copies)

Premium Data Backup Addon for Web Hosting

As it says, it’s an addon for your plan, you may or may not include this if you don’t find this necessary. The Premium Data Backup addon option includes free restoration request per month and will provide up to the last 7 days of backup – 7 copies of backup.

For additional restoration requests, you will be charged $25/incident. The mentioned restoration request will be done via Jetbackup. For reinstatement and restoration for terminated accounts: you have the responsibility to ensure that your hosting services are duly paid. Each request you will be charged. Though this is subjected to the availability of the backup copies. Our Technical Engineers will need to investigate before we can confirm that we can provide backup copies.

Vodien Backup Coverage (For Disaster Recovery Only)

Disaster recovery services are purely administered in cases of complete server or hardware failure to restore all affected VPS accounts.

Virtual Private Servers Hosting Plans Daily Backups, lasts up to a day (1 copy)
Email Hosting Plans Weekly Backup, lasts up to 2 weeks (1 copy/week)

Vodien Backup Coverage (For Dedicated Servers Only)

For Dedicated Servers, please get in touch with our Support Team for a quote. You recommend calling them for immediate communication.

Important: The backup includes your complete site, website files, emails, databases, and any other configuration at the point when the backup operation was taken. Backups dated older than the retention date will be automatically overridden with new backups. To obtain a copy of your backup, you can use JetBackup or open a support ticket requesting the back.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further queries.

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