Restore WordPress Site

Backups are randomly scheduled weekly, dated and time stamped.

The system will store a maximum of 5 full backups at any time. Moving files from staging to production will also action a backup and will be counted within these 5 total backups.

Note: Restoration will delete your live production WordPress site and will be replaced with the selected backup date and time. To avoid issues and losing important information of your WordPress website, you need to take note of the following precautions before you proceed with the instructions:

  • Secure a backup of WordPress website files
  • Secure a backup of WordPress database SQL file

Follow the instructions below on how to restore your WordPress Site.

Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager.

Step 2. Click on WordPress category.

Step 3.  Click on the drop-down arrow of the WordPress site.

Step 4. Click “Backup” tab.

Step 5. Select the date and time of the backup.

Step 6. Click “Restore” button.

Step 6. Review the backup day and time.

Step 7. Click “Confirm Restore” button.

The system will then process the request which will take a few minutes to be completed.

Once completed, your WordPress Site will be restored to the specific date and time you have selected.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

restore wordpress site

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