How to Export and Import Contacts in Roundcube

In establishing a business, the usual main point of contact is your email. There are contacts that you will get in touch daily. For easy access to your contacts, adding their email addresses to your Contacts list can help. 

If you already have these email addresses handy, before you’ve created your email account, you have the option to import them to your Contacts on Roundcube and export them as well. 

We look at how to import and export your contacts in Roundcube below. 

Import Contacts in Roundcube 

When importing contacts, Roundcube supports vCard or CSV (comma-separateddata format 

Step 1. Log in to Webmail.
You may log in via cPanel or use direct links. 
Step 2. Under Open your Inbox, click Open. 
You may tick the box forOpen my inbox when I log in. You can skip this step if this was already ticked. 

Step 3. Click Contacts on the top-right and click Import that you’ll find on the left-hand corner. 

Step 4. Click Choose Files or Browse, locate the file with your contacts in your computer and click OK. 

Step 5. Choose which group assignments you want your imported contacts will be in. If you want to overwrite existing contacts, tick the checkbox saying “Replace the entire address book“. 
Step 6. Click Import. 

Export Contacts in Roundcube 

Step 1. On the same page of your Webmail, click on Contacts. 

Step 2. From there, you can download contacts individually or all your contacts:

a. Click each contact you’d like to download and clickExporton the left-hand corner.
b. To export all contacts, click on Export and choose Export all. 

Step 3. A VCF file will be downloaded on your computer and it’ll be saved on your Downloads folder. 

If you require any assistance, or if you encounter any troubles, you may contact our Singapore and Australia Support Team, they’re available 24/7 to help you out.

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