Sending Email Limitation

Every hosting package has a different sending email limitation. See the list below to know how many emails you can send per hour.

Basic Email Hosting (mailValue, mailPlus and mailExpert) –  200 outgoing emails per hour

webValue, webPlus, webExpert – 200 outgoing emails per hour

webElite and webUltimate – 1000 outgoing emails per hour

bizHosting AND ABOVE – 1000 outgoing emails per hour

bizMail – 1000 outgoing emails per hour

hostValue, hostPlus and hostExpert – 200 outgoing emails per hour

hostElite and hostUltimate – 1000 outgoing emails per hour

Reseller Hosting – the limit is set at 1000 emails per hour for the whole account

What happens to the account when reached the maximum send out limit?

You will get an error message prompt that says you are unable to send out emails and will refresh an hour after your last successful send out of emails.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Sending Email Limitation

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