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Sending Large Files using FTP Hosting

Most email services have restrictions on file attachment sizes, and typically have a maximum of 1 megabyte per email or less. Some email clients will show you an error message when you try to exceed this limit. Other email services will not show an error message and the only way you’ll find out that the file did not go through is when the other party calls you or responds back that there is no attached file. This is especially true for graphics such as photos, Photoshop .PSD files, and CAD (Computer Aided Design) files. Design firms, architectural companies which depend on very large files in their daily operations need to have a reliable way to transfer files on a regular basis, and they use FTP precisely for this.

FTP (File Transmission Protocol) is the method by which large files are sent across the Internet. It does not go through email systems at all, and provides you a way to upload and download files to your FTP server. With FTP, you will still use email, but the email just gives a link to the other party, telling them where to download the file.

There are many different kinds of FTP software available – in fact, Windows comes with a built-in FTP software. However, most other dedicated FTP software are more reliable, and offers more features, such as resumable file uploads and downloads. These applications will almost always allow you to set up “bookmarks” or “favourites”, which allow you to save the FTP URL, username and password once, and then connect to it in the future with just one click.

Visit this page to see a list of the FTP hosting plans that Vodien provides. For a list of video tutorials that we have, please visit our FTP video tutorials page.

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Sending Large Files using FTP Hosting

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Updated on June 8, 2016

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