How to set up email filters in Webmail?

You may want to segregate emails to specific folders without moving them individually. Or maybe, you want to automatically delete emails from specific senders. The best option to do this is through email filters in webmail. Please follow the instructions below on how to set up email filters.

Set up Email Filters in Webmail

Step 1. Log in to Webmail.

set up email filters

Step 2. Located at the right hand corner of Webmail is a drop down menu right beside your email address. Click on it and choose Email Filters.


Step 3. Click on Create a New Filter button.create-a-new-filter

Step 4. Enter the filter name.


Step 5. Choose what type of rules you want to use.



FromSender’s address.
SubjectEmail’s subject line.
ToThe email address to which the sender sent the email.

ReplyThe email address at which the sender receives replies.
BodyThe email’s content.
Any HeaderAny part of the email’s header.
Any recipientAny recipient of the email.
Has not been previously deliveredEmails that are still on queue.
is an Error MessageError messages that are detected by the system.
List IDMailing lists.
Spam StatusCheck SpamAssasin filter.
Spam BarBased on the Spam Bar (+) that is set in the SpamAssasin filter.
Spam ScoreTotal number of plus signs (+) in the Spam Bar value, expressed as an integer through SpamAssasin.



containsContains the keywords that you define.
matches regexEmails that matches to the regular expression that you define.
does not containEmail does not contain the defined keyword.
equalsEmail exactly matches a defined keyword.
begins withThe email begins with the defined keyword.
does not beginThe email does not begin with the defined keyword.
ends withThe email ends with the defined keyword.
does not end withThe email does not end with the defined keyword.
does not matchThe email does not exactly match the defined keyword.


Discard MessageThe system discards or deletes the incoming email with no failure notice.
Redirect to emailThe system forwards or redirects the email to another email address that you specify.
Fail with messageThe system discards  or deletes the email and automatically send a failure notice to the sender.
Stop Processing RulesThe system skips all filter rules.
Deliver to folderThe system delivers or moves the email to a specified folder.
Pipe to a programThe system sends the incoming email to a specified program.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

set up email filters

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