How to Set up Email Filters in Outlook

Outlook is commonly used to send and receive emails. It is common to add folders on your Outlook to organise received emails which is done manually. However, you can set up filters, in Outlook’s terms: Rules, to move your messages automatically to a specific folder once you receive new emails.

Outlook can be installed in a Windows or Mac device. To skip to the steps on your preferred device, just click on the links provided previously.

Outlook on Windows

Step 1. Open Outlook.
Step 2. Under Home, click on Rules and select Manage Rules & Alerts…

Step 3. Click New Rule…

Step 4. Choose the options of rules under Step 1 and manage the specifics under Step 2.

Note: For Step 1 (as shown on the screenshot), you can choose if you’d like to move the new emails to a designated folder, get notifications once you receive a certain message or create your own rule from scratch. On Step 2, you can specify keywords or a rule description that you’ll be creating.

Step 5. Click Finish once done. Then choose Apply to save.

Outlook on Mac

Step 1. Open Outlook.
Step 2. Under Home, click Rules… and select Create Rules…

Step 3. A pop-up will come up, where you can manage your rules:

Change your conditions according to what you’d like your Outlook to do.

Step 4. Click OK.

Your filters/rules can be changed any time if there is any additional condition needed to add or remove.

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