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How to Generate SSH Keys for Your Server

SSH or Secure Shell is a protocol that allows you to access a remote server using an SSH client on your computer such as PuTTy. The connection requires the user to have the private key. Follow the steps below on how to generate the SSH Keys in WHM.

Note:This is only available to Vodien Virtual Server plans and Dedicated Server plans.

Step 1. Log in to WHM.

WHM Login Page

Step 2. Click Security Center on the sidebar menu.

Security Center in WHM

Step 3. Click Manage root’s SSH Keys.  

Manage Roots SSH Keys in WHM

Step 4. Click Generate a New Key. 

Generate New SSH Key Button in WHM

Step 5. Enter the following information in their respective boxes to generate the key.  

  • Key Name – Enter a name for the SSH Key. 
  • Key Password – Enter a password for the SSH Key.  
  • Password (again) – Confirm the password by typing the same password entered in Key Password. 
  • Password Strength – Meet the password strength requirement of at least 70/100. Use the Password Generator if necessary.  
  • Key Type – Select RSA. 
  • Key Size – Select 2048. 

Step 6. Click Generate Key. The new SSH Key should now be listed in the table.

Generate SSH Key Button in WHM

Step 7. Under Public Keys, click Manage Authorization on the SSH Key that you just generated.

Manage SSH Key Authorization in WHM

Step 8. Click Authorize.

Authorize SSH Key Button in WHM

The newly generated SSH Keys are now ready to use. Click View/Download key in SSH Manager page to get started. Follow the links on how to connect to SSH via Windows and SSH via Mac OS. 

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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Updated on December 1, 2021

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