SSH screen commands

This is a basic guide to use screen on your secure shell session (SSH screen commands).

The purpose of the screen is to keep the processes running even after you end your ssh session, making it optimal and convenient if you are going to run something that will take a long time to process finish.

screen -> to start a screen session

screen -ls -> to list existing screen sessions with their ids

screen -R (screenid) -> to enter that particular screen session

Ctrl + a + d -> detach from the screen session (alternatively you can type the exit command in the session itself)

Ctrl + d -> end screen session

Ctrl + a + H -> Creates a running log of the session, to capture the process.

Ctrl + a + x -> Locking your screen session with a password

Ctrl + a + M -> Monitor for activity

Ctrl + a + _ -> Monitor for inactivity

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