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Storing Large Files With FTP Hosting

This article will tackle about storing large files with FTP Hosting.

Think of FTP storage as your personal hard drive on the Internet. You are going to use a software to connect to it, or the tools provided with your computer (almost every computer has built-in FTP functionality because it’s so common). Once you have uploaded your files, they’re accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Which means you’re not restricted to just one computer. Besides mobility, you also do not have to worry about losing your most important data due to theft, fire, other damage to your personal computer or any other uncontrollable situations.

Storing files online is just one of the many ways that you can use FTP hosting. FTP hosting services also offers you the ability to transfer large files to your friends or colleagues, backup your important files and so on. In any case, FTP is the simplest method to exchange files between 2 computers online.

For a list of video tutorials that we have, please visit our FTP video tutorials page.

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Storing Large Files With FTP Hosting


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Updated on June 7, 2016

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