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The Website Builder Interface

Familiarise yourself with the website builder interface to easily get around and make the most of the website builder’s features.  

Top Menu 

Below are the icons that you can click at the top of the Website Builder. Get to know each of their names and their uses.  

  1. Account Manager 

The Account Manager button redirects you to the Website Builder dashboard. The Website Builder dashboard is where you can see all your Sites, Analytics, Templates, and Files. 

Account Manager Button in Website Builder

2. Undo  

The Undo button reverses back the changes made within the Website Builder. This works if the changes made are not yet Published to the live website. 

Website Builder Undo Button

3. Redo 

The Redo button reapplies the changes made before you click the Undo button. 

Website Builder Redo Button

4. Site Backups 

The Site Backups button gives the list of existing backups with the date and time of each. This button also has the option to CREATE BACKUP. 

Website Builder Site Backups

5. Laptop  

The Laptop button lets you see the website page in a laptop view. 

Website Builder Laptop Button

6. Tablet 

Click the Tablet button to see the webpage in tablet view. 

Website Builder Tablet Preview

7. Phone  

The Phone button gives you the phone view of the webpage. 

Website Builder Phone Preview


Click the PREVIEW button to see what the website looks like when it is published and live. 

Website Builder Preview Button


The PUBLISH button is what you click whenever you’re ready to make the website live and update its changes. Read this link to Publish the Site on Website Builder.

Website Builder Publish Button

Side Menu 

Get to know each of the buttons on the menu bar on the left side of Website Builder.  

  1. BUILD 

The BUILD button holds the FEATURES and BLOCKS that you will need to add to the Canvas. 

Website Builder Build Button

2. PAGES  

Click the PAGES button to see the list of website pages and arrange them. This is also where you add and name each page. 

Website Builder Pages Button


This option is only available if your Website Builder plan comes with an eCommerce platform. This is where you set your products, prices, and other settings relating to eCommerce. 

Website Builder Store Button

4. BLOG 

BLOG is where you manage and add blog posts. 

Website Builder Blog Button


The THEME is where you can change the colors, fonts, and buttons of your selected template. 

Website Builder Theme Button6. SETTINGS  

Click the Settings button to manage the website’s settings like time zone, social accounts, SEO, domain, etc. 

Website Builder Settings Button

7. Show Layout 

The Show Layout button highlights all blocks and elements inside the Canvas. This helps identify the elements and blocks separately from each other. 

Website Builder Show Layout Button

8. Unlock Sidebar 

Use the Unlock Sidebar button to hide the side menu. You can unhide the side menu by sliding your cursor to the left. 


Canvas is where you design and apply the contents of your web pages. Here, you can drag and drop the features and elements from the BUILD button. 

Website Builder Canvas


A help button is available on the lower right side of the Website Builder. This gives tutorials on how to get around the Website Builder. 

Website Builder Help Button

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Updated on November 30, 2022

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