How to Set up Email Account in Thunderbird

Thunderbird is famous for being a free and open-source email client. It can manage multiple emails, newsgroup, newsfeed, and chat (i.e., Twitter). Thunderbird is used widely by Windows and Apple users. 

The instructions below are for both Windows and Apple users: 

Step 1. Open Thunderbird. 
Step 2. Under Set up an account, click Email.  

Step 3. Enter the desired name (display name), email address, and your password. 

Step 4. Click Continue. 
Step 5. It will start to look for configuration, however, click on Manual config. 

Step 6. Enter the incomingand outgoing hostnames, usernames, SSL, and authentication. Click Done. 

Your NameDisplay name of your email when you send out emails.
Email AddressEnter your full email address, such as
PasswordEnter that password of your email account.
Account TypeChoose whether you want to use POP or IMAP. (Beside first Server hostname.)
Server HostnameBoth incoming and outgoing server address should be:
UsernameEnter your full email address, such as
AuthenticationSelect Normal Password for both SSL and Non-SSL connection.
Server PortsSSL:
Incoming: 993
Outgoing: 465

Incoming: 143
Outgoing: 26

Incoming: 995
Outgoing: 465

Incoming: 110
Outgoing: 26

Step 7. A warning will pop-up, tick the box for ‘I understand the risks.’. Click Done. 

Thunderbird will sync your emails and folders if you have them. It may take time for the emails to sync. Kindly keep Thunderbird open and connected to the internet. 

Edit Settings

If you encounter any troubles when it comes to connecting to your incoming or outgoing mail servers or your password has changed, you can go through the steps below on how to change your current settings:

1. Open Thunderbird.
2. Click your email address on the left pane, look for Accounts and click View settings for this account.
3. Type in your new settings for the following (Incoming server):

  • Server name
  • Port

4. Click Outgoing Server (SMTP), select Outgoing Server that is used by your email.
5. Click Edit and type new settings for SMTP Server:

  • Server name
  • Port

6. Click Save.

Allow Thunderbird a few minutes to copy or download your emails from the server.

If you require any assistance, our Singapore and Australia Support Team is always available 24/7 to help you out.  

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