What Is Track DNS

NOTE: This is a cPanel feature available for VPS and Dedicated Server hosting packages ONLY.

Track DNS is essentially a tool that you can use to check the DNS records that are associated with a domain name. This is like looking through a phonebook or your contacts list for a phone number and all other details associated with it.

This feature is used to check and confirm if your domain name is still connected to the intended servers’ IP address, or not. It is especially handy when experiencing issues with your website as it helps you detect possible causes.

Here are the steps on how to use the Track DNS feature:

  1. Log in to the cPanel using either of these link formats:
    https://yourdomain.com:2083/ (Replace yourdomain.com with the main domain name connected to your hosting.)
    https://servernumber.serveradd.com:2083/ (Replace servernumber with the actual server number assigned to your hosting.)
  2. Scroll down to the Advanced panel, then click on the Track DNS icon.
  3. Enter a domain name to look up in the field provided and click on the Look Up button.
  4. A complete report of your domain name’s DNS will be displayed under the Zone Information, as shown in the image below:

track DNS

Trace Route

This is another feature that will give you information on the route between your computer, or any device that you are logged into, and the server where your domain name is hosted. This shows you the number of servers and what servers your data must/will pass through to get to your website.

To use the Trace Route feature, click on the Go Back link below the Zone Information display. Then, Enter a domain to look up in the field provided under Track DNS and click on the Trace button under Trace Route. Results similar to the image below will be displayed:

trace route

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