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How to Transfer Existing WordPress Site

You do not have to recreate your WordPress website from scratch when transferring it from another hosting company or from another Vodien account 

Simply follow the steps below on how to transfer your existing WordPress site to your WordPress hosting with Vodien 

Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager 

Step 2. Click on the WordPress button on the menu bar at the top of the page.  

WordPress Button on Vodien Account Manager

Step 3. Scroll down to Transfer Existing Site drop-down and click it. 

WordPress Transfer Existing Site Area

Step 4. Fill out all boxes under Current site information with the correct details so that the Vodien system can locate where your website files are locatedYour current website hosting provider or web developer can help you in obtaining these details. 

  • Site URL – This could start with http or https. Copy the link directly from the website browser while accessing your website to make sure you supply the correct URL in the box. 
  • FTP, SSH or SFTP – Select the connection type of the details that you are using. This can be verified with your web hosting provider or web developer. Put in the port number inside the box below the radio buttons if there is a need to replace the default ports.  
  • Hostname or IP  This can be in a form of a domain, subdomain, or an IP address. Make sure that the domain or subdomain is pointing to the IP address of the server where the website files are. You can check the IP address where the domain/subdomain is pointing to via WhatsMyDNS. 
  • Host Username – This is the username provided by your web hosting provider or web developer to access the website files. This should be the username for the type of connection you have chosen above. 
  • Host Password – This is the password provided by your web hosting provider or web developer to access the website files. This should be the password for the type of connection you have chosen above.  
  • WordPress home path – This information can be obtained from your web hosting provider for accuracy. This is usually set as public_html or public_html/subfolder for example.  
  • Data Centre – Select a Data Centre if you are provided with more than one option. The recommended Data Centre – which is the closest to your location – is usually highlighted with a check mark on it. 

Step 5. Click the Transfer now button.  

WordPress Hosting Transfer now Button

Step 6. The system will set up the transferred website under a temporary link. Wait until the transfer is complete.  

New WordPress Site Progress Display

Step 7. Access the temporary link on a website browser to check if the transfer was correctly processed.

Step 8. After making sure everything is set, you can now switch the temporary link to the actual domain/subdomain of the website. You can follow this link to see the instructions on how to assign another domain/subdomain to your WordPress site. 

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Updated on November 18, 2020

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