How to have a trouble free script installation?

It is very common that most times, we prefer to use open source scripts because its free, however, if we cant install it correctly, we will spend alot of time troubleshooting.

Well, this tutorial does not apply to just free scripts, it applies to all scripts installation especially when some files are encoded.

Heres some insights, whenever we purchase scripts or download them off the Internet, many a times this files are all in .zip, tar.gz format. And we usually unzip them on our local machines and then upload them using our file browser. Do you know doing so many simply change the content of your files? Not because you have edited the content but you may have uploaded the files in a wrong file encoding using a wrong transfer mode. One would have to take note that there are more than one transfer mode when using FTP software, namely ASCII and Binary. If you upload the file with the wrong format, things will turn out unreadable and it will be very frustrating.

So heres the right way:

  1. Download your Zip file (.zip, .tar.gz) from the website
    Note: Do not unzip them locally
  2. Upload them directly to your hosting account using File Manager or FTP
  3. Login to your control panel, click on File Manager
  4. Locate your uploaded file
  5. Click on the Filename
  6. From the top menu bar, click on Extract

Edit your configuration file and you are all set.

All file encoding are unchanged leaving you with error free file uploads.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Trouble free script installation

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