What Is Domain Transfer

Domain transfer is done when you wish to change who manages your DNS and where your domain name registration will be. There are many reasons why domains are transferred, such as domain name selling, preferred price of renewals, or domain management services, to name a few.

Domain names can be transferred from one Registrar to Vodien or vice versa, and from one Vodien account to another. It can also be transferred from one Domain Owner to a new one. Let’s look at each type of domain transfer below.

4 Types of Domain Transfer

  1. Transfer In
    This means that you already registered a domain name with another Registrar and you would like to transfer the registration and DNS management to Vodien. This process will maintain all relevant data regarding the domain name and the Registrant
  2. Transfer Out
    This means that the registered
    domain name with Vodien will be transferred out to another Registrar. When the transfer is in process, the DNS management will no longer be available with Vodien. Prior to any transfer, we recommend checking DNS Records if they are set correctly.
  3. Internal Transfer
    This means that a registered
    domain name with Vodien will be transferred from one Vodien account to a different Vodien account. This is usually done for the sole purpose of site and DNS management by hired developers.
  4. Domain Ownership Transfer
    This means that a registered domain name with Vodien will be legally transferred to a new owner, where the Registrant and business information will be changed. This is the only type of transfer that moves all legal rights and claims of domain ownership from one person or entity to another.
Note: A Domain Transfer will NOT affect your website, email, and any services connected to your domain name. A Registrar is only responsible for your domain records management.

Please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions.

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