Unmetered Data Transfer

Local bandwidth is costly, Vodien feel that we should not limit your website’s growth with a data transfer limits (also called as metered transfer). For plans with metered data transfer, your website will be instantly suspended when you exceed your data transfer limit, and your website home page will be replaced with a page saying, “This account has exceeded its data transfer limit.”. This means your website will be unavailable, and any emails will be rejected as well. With Vodien, you will never see this page.

In the Shared Hosting environment, resource such as bandwidth, are shared with all users that are residing on the server. To prevent abuse, we have fair use policy in place. For more information, you can refer and click on our Terms of Service.

Users with constant high traffic above 200GB data transfer/month, we recommend an upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Servers with committed bandwidth to ensure optimal resources for your website.

Users with a typical SME website will rarely exceed 5GB worth of data transfer/month – therefore bandwidth is not an issue to most people. Traffic intensive websites typically do not wish to stay in a Shared Hosting environment as they require more committed resources to better serve their websites.

Website availability is important. The last thing that you would want to see is a big red notice that you have exceeded your data transfer limits and that all your website services including your email service is unavailable. With our unmetered data transfer plans, we assure you, our clients, that this will not happen to your website.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team if your have further queries.

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