How to update Joomla version

When you are using Joomla, you will notice a note “Joomla [version] is available. Update Now!” which allows you to update your CMS to the most recent version. However, you need to take note of the following precautions before you proceed with the instructions below on how to update Joomla version:

  • Secure a backup of Joomla website files
  • Secure a backup of Joomla database SQL file
  • Check the system requirements of the new version and make sure that it is compatible to the current extensions of your Joomla website

Update Joomla version via Admin site

Step 1. Log in to your Joomla Admin site (example: with your current username and password.

Step 2. Click “Update Now” button for the new Joomla version.

Step 3. Details of the update is shown. Click “Install the Update”.

Step 4. For security purposes, you will be asked for the admin username and password. Enter the necessary information and click “Confirm & Continue”.

Step 5. The update is successful.

Checking Joomla update issues

In some cases, Joomla extensions may not be compatible with the updated version. To know if there are no issues, do the following:

Step 1. Click Extensions, hover your mouse to Manage and select Discover.

Step 2. It should say “No matching Results”.

If there is an extension that is affected by the update, select the extension and click “Install”.


If you are not confident to make any of the modifications mentioned above, you may have our Application Support Engineers help you with an ad-hoc fee per request.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

update Joomla version

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