How to Update WordPress Plugin Version

Just like your WordPress website version, it’s also important to make sure that your WordPress plugin is up to date. This ensures security, compatibility and full functionality to your whole WordPress site. There are four ways on how to update your WordPress plugin: 

  • Update now Link 
  • Upload via WordPress Dashboard  
  • Manual upload of updated plugin 
Important Note: Make sure this process is done overnight when there are least expected visitors on the website. Do the preparations listed below before applying changes to your website:  

  • Secure a backup of WordPress website files. 
  • Secure a backup of WordPress database SQL file. 
  • Check the details of the new version and make sure that it is compatible with the current WordPress version you are using. 

The easiest way to update a plugin is to click a link in WordPress dashboard. Follow the steps below.  

Step 1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard via the link (replace with the domain of your website) or on any of the methods below depending on your web hosting plan.  

Step 2. Click Plugins on the menu bar at the left side of the page.  

Plugin Button in WordPress Dashboard

Step 3. The next page displays the list of installed plugins. Click the Update Available link to filter the plugins that need updating.  

Plugin Update Available in WordPress

Step 4. Click the new version details to know more about the updates and changes made.  

View New Plugin Version Details in WordPress

Step 5. Click the update now link to update the plugin.  

WordPress Plugin Update Now Link

An updated message will display so as the updated version of the plugin.  

Plugin Updated Message in WordPress

Upload via WordPress Dashboard  

Step 1. Download updated plugin file from or from your plugin provider. 

Step 2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard via the link (replace with the domain of your website) or on any of the methods below depending on your web hosting plan.  

Step 3. Click Plugins on the menu bar at the left side of the page. 

Plugin Button in WordPress Dashboard

Step 4. Click the Add New button. 

Add New Plugin Button in WordPress Dashboard

Step 5. Click the Upload Plugin button. 

Step 6. Click the Choose File button to open your computer’s files.

Choose File Plugin Button in WordPress

Step 7. Click on the updated plugin file. 

Click Updated Plugin File

Step 8. Click the Open button.  

Open the Plugin Updated Version File

Step 9Click the Install Now button. 

Install Plugins Now Button

Step 10. WordPress detects that same plugin exists. Since the plugin needs updating, click the Replace current with uploaded button.  

Replace Current Plugin with Uploaded Button

Step 11. Click the Activate Plugin button to activate the new version of the plugin. 

Activate Plugin Button in WordPress 

Manual Update 

Manually uploading or updating the latest plugin version comes handy when the WordPress dashboard is inaccessible.  

  1. Download the plugin from  
  2. Manually upload the plugin file to your WordPress website files by following either of the ways demonstrated on the link.  
  3. Once the updated plugin file is uploaded, it rewrites the older version of the plugin automatically. Check the Installed plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and check the version number if it has the latest one.  

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