Is There an Uptime Guarantee for Your Hosting

Uptime Definition

In web hosting services, Uptime refers to the total time in which your site is online or “up.” Conversely, the total time your website is offline or “down” is referred to as Downtime.

With Vodien, all our products and services are built with guaranteed speed and reliability in mind — thus, we want to keep Uptime as high as possible for our customers. Our brand strives to meet a goal of 99.9% Uptime.

Our Uptime Guarantee

Keeping in mind that some Downtime is inevitable despite having the best tech in the market, we offer an Uptime Guarantee. This means that if your website Uptime falls below 99% without advance notice from us, we will credit you with an equivalent compensation to the lost service.

For more information, please see Vodien’s Terms of Service, Section 7: Scheduled Maintenance and Downtime, and Section 19: Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Network.

Do not hesitate to contact our SG or AU Support Team if you have further questions.

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