Uptime guarantee and how they are calculated

Vodien provides 99.9% uptime guarantee on all webhosting and email services. Since Web Hosting services are paid in a monthly basis, the uptime guarantee is calculated in monthly basis too.


60 (minutes) x 24 (hours) = 1440 minutes/day

1440 (minutes) x 30 (days) = 43, 200 minutes/month

43, 200 (minutes) x 0.001 (downtime) = 43.2 minutes/month downtime


Compensation is only given if Vodien fails to provide the 99.9% uptime guarantee. Which means Vodien will provide the following compensation as calculated below:

Every 30 minutes downtime = 5% of the paid amount for the month

30 minutes = 1 downtime calculation


Given: 1 hour downtime = 60 minutes

S$50 paid amount for the month


60 minutes ÷ 30 = 2 (downtime calculation)

S$50 x 0.05 = S$2.5 (5% of the paid amount for the month)

2 (downtime) x S$2.5 = S$5 compensation

For more information, please see Vodien’s Terms of Service, Section 6 (Scheduled maintenance and downtime) and Section 18 (Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Network).

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

Uptime guarantee

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