What Is Email Authentication

Setting up your email address on an email client, it is best to have your email address authenticated. Email authentication prevents spam emails from coming in and prevent your email from sending out spam. This is a solution in proving that the email is not fake. It is most often used to stop harmful or fraudulent uses of emails, just like phishing and spam.

Aside from authenticating your email via the email device you’re using, enabling DKIM and SPF Records on your cPanel also works.

DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) Record verifies the integrity of incoming email and its sender. This works to prevent incoming spam messages. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Record verifies the messages you are sending if they are from a trusted server.

Click the links below on how to enable SPF and DKIM:

Click these guided links to enable SMTP Authentication for Email Clients or Mobile Devices.

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