What Is Email Exchange

Email Exchange is the type of email account that is run by either an Exchange Server within your organisation or Microsoft itself. Emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks are saved, sent, and received in the Exchange Server.  

If you only need more than sending and receiving emails, Email Exchange is for you. It offers the following features: 

  • Global Addresses List – A shared contact list of all the people within the organisation. You only have to type the recipient’s name whom you would like to send the email address to. Their email address automatically populates even if you don’t have it saved. 
  • Shared Mailboxes – A shared mailbox to give each team member (Sales Team, Accounting Team, etc.) access to a mailbox for transparency and efficiency in handling your clients.  
  • Shared Tasks – An Exchange mailbox has a feature to share task to monitor the progress of a task and delegate each part of the task within the team.  
  • Shared Calendars – Set appointments and meetings with a group or a friend. This feature allows for a meeting to show in the calendars of the participants to avoid conflicts with other meetings or appointments.  

Check out Vodien’s Email Exchange packages and get an Exchange mailbox for you and for your business needs. Follow this link and get to know more about Microsoft Office 365 to get Microsoft applications on top of your Exchange mailbox.  

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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