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What is EV Technology

Your customers share sensitive information such as their credit card information online. They’ll want proof of identification that your website is a safe place and they can trust to do business with. A way to achieve this by validating your website through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or better – Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate.


EV SSL is the highest standard of certifying a website’s legitimacy. This is widely known as the trusted option as mandated by Certificate Authority (CA) issue the certificate. Here’s the verification process:

  • Checking physical, legal and operational activities of your company
  • Making sure your company owns the domain they are installing the EV SSL Certificate
  • Cross-checking official records like business licenses and incorporation documents
  • Making sure that your company is requesting the EV Certificate

SSL on the other hand, relies on public-key encryption to validate if your website is secure. But receiving a working public key is not a guarantee that a website is owned the right company. Thus, EV SSL is recommended to secure your website’s connection down to your customer’s privacy of information.

Identify EV SSL Certified Websites

Google’s recent announcement they have phased out the green lock icon and ‘Secure’ or company name label next to your URL. The green lock was the distinct indicator on your browser a few years back, now the only indicator you’ll see the lock icon.

Example, with Vodien’s main page, you can click on the padlock icon on the address bar, a window will pop up showing the details:

Getting EV SSL is better to give assurance to your customer that your business is real, and your customer can put their trust in doing an online transaction with you.

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Updated on July 3, 2020

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