IMAP vs POP vs Exchange

Once you get the right plan for your Email Hosting, you can set up the email address/addresses with three ways to add your emails on different devices.  

We will look at the definition of each protocol and their differences.

What Is IMAP

IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is a widely used protocol to retrieve emails from a server. This also allows you to manipulate the messages as though they are stored locally on your computer. 

This protocol is recommended for you in case you are planning to access your emails on multiple devices. This is without the worries that your emails might get deleted. 

Since all emails are stored on the server, it will take too much space and may limit you when sending or receiving emails. You can do regular backups or delete emails from the server.

What Is POP 

POP3or thePost Office Protocol is used to receive emails from the server to your local email client. It’ll let you save your emails locally and read them even when you’re offline. 

This protocol is a space-efficient way to go if you are only going to use one email client. As this downloads a copy of the email from the server to your device. This means that you can only use one device, considering it downloads the emails.

What Is Exchange

Email Exchange, on the other hand, can be set up as POP3IMAP, or Exchange. And, of course, with the Exchange setup, you get more than just the email synchronisation service that IMAP offers.

When getting the Exchange Email service, setting up your email account either of one these protocols will be your discretion. However, with Email Exchange connecting directly to the Exchange server is recommended to get more feel and get synchronised better. 

POP vs IMAP vs Exchange

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