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What Is Sending Email Limitation

Every single email hosting providers set sending limitations, where it could be dailyhourly or every minute. Like other providers, this is true for Vodien. This is a must-know for you and every client to avoid your emails being marked as spam or your email gets blocked. 

The reason why providers set these limitations is to avoid having the servers be tagged as spam. For providers, this is quite expensive to clean, and spam emails consume mail server resources and bandwidth. 

What Will Happen

You get an error message prompting you that you are unable to send out emails and it’ll refresh in an hour. These error messages comes a bounce back email to you. However, if this still persists, we recommend contacting ourSupport Team as soon as possible. Below is a sample error message if you are already over your limit:

What If Message Was Sent Successfully 

Even though your message has passed the sending email limitations, this does not mean that they are legitimate emails. The bottom line is it does not matter if your email message has passed the sending limitation and not marked as spam, you will need to make sure all emails follow best practices and avoid spam trigger words in your email. 

To guide you further, the list below are the list of Web and Email Hosting services and how many emails you can send per hour: 

Service Emails per hour
Basic Email Hosting (mailValue, mailPlus and mailExpert) 200 outgoing emails per hour
webValue, webPlus, webExpert 200 outgoing emails per hour
webElite and webUltimate 1000 outgoing emails per hour
bizHosting AND ABOVE 1000 outgoing emails per hour
bizMail 1000 outgoing emails per hour
hostValue, hostPlus and hostExpert 200 outgoing emails per hour
hostElite and hostUltimate 1000 outgoing emails per hour
Reseller Hosting the limit is set at 1000 emails per hour for the whole account

Please don’t hesitate contacting our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team, they’ll be happy to help you out.

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Updated on July 2, 2020

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