How to Create a Wildcard Subdomain

A Wildcard Subdomain Name allows you to create a specific directory in your hosting account so that when people type in a non-existing Subdomain Name in a browser, they’re routed to your website or a website you specified, instead of an error page. Your Wildcard Subdomain will appear in the system as *, with the [*] Asterisk Symbol representing the Wildcard service.

If you need to know more about Subdomain Names, click here.

Create Wildcard Subdomain in cPanel

Follow the instructions below to access your hosting account and create a Wildcard Subdomain:

  1. Log in to your cPanel using this link format:
    (Replace with the main Domain Name connected to your Vodien hosting.)
  2. Once logged in, click on the Subdomains link under the Domains panel.
  3. Enter the [*] Asterisk Symbol in the Subdomain field.
    Note: The system will automatically create a _wildcard_ folder under Document Root. This is where the website files for your Wildcard Subdomain will be stored (if any).
  4. Select the Domain Name to use from the drop-down list under Domain.
  5. Click on Create button to save the changes.
  6. A confirmation message will display on the next page. Click Go Back to view your added Wildcard Subdomain, or create other Subdomains.

A list of all your Subdomain Names will appear at the bottom of the page. You can click on the Manage Redirection link corresponding to the Wildcard Subdomain created: *, to specify a website to display, if preferred.

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