How to Set up Email Account in Windows Live Mail

One of Microsoft’s earliest email client was Windows Live Mail. It was part of their Windows Essentials Suite and can be downloaded from Microsoft official website for free. It may have been discontinued, but this is still widely used by Windows users with Windows 7 or older. 

The same as other email clients, you may connect your emails with or without SSL connection. Here are the steps below: 

Step 1. Open Windows Live Mail.
If you are using Windows Live Mail for the first time, do the following steps before proceeding to Step 2:

a. Windows Live Mail will immediately ask f or your email settings and click Next.

b. If an email address has been setup before: 

i. Click Menu icon on the top-left, choose Options and click Email accounts…

ii. On the Accounts, click Add.

iii. On Select Type Account, choose Email Account and click Next.

iv. Enter your email settings and click Next.

Step 2. On Configure server settings page, choose the server settings:

a. Non-SSL set up:

b. SSL Set up:

Server TypeChoose whether you want to use POP or IMAP.
Server AddressBoth incoming and outgoing server address should be:
AuthenticationChoose Clear text for both IMAP and POP.
Logon UsernameEnter your full email address, such as
Server PortsSSL:
Incoming: 993
Outgoing: 465Non-SSL:
Incoming: 143
Outgoing: 26
Incoming: 995
Outgoing: 465Non-SSL:
Incoming: 110
Outgoing: 26

Step 3. Click Next. Your email account is created. 

It won’t take long for the emails and folders to sync. This is depending on the mailbox size, to be sure, keep your Windows Live Mail open and connected to the internet. 

If you require any assistance, our Singaporeand AustraliaSupport Team is always available 24/7 to help you out.

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