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How to Export and Import Emails in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail, being discontinued, can run into bumps from time to time. Aside from personal reasons, and for prevention, you can regularly backup your emails. 

The extension file for a Windows Live Mail backup is .eml. Unfortunately, you are not able to transfer your backup files to any other client, in case you wish to use a different email client. 

Below is your guide on how to export and import emails for Windows Live Mail.

Export Email

Step 1. Open Windows Live Mail. 
Step 2. Click Menuicon, choose Export emailand click onEmail messages. 

Step 3. Select Microsoft Windows Live Mail, and click Next. 

Step 4. Click Browseto locate where the file will be saved. Click OKand then Next. 

Step 5. Select the relevant folders of the email account you want to export or choose All Folders. 

Step 6. Click Finish. 

Your email messages will now be exported in the background.

Import Email

Step 1. Open Windows Live Mail. 
Step 2. ClickMenuicon, click Import messages. 

Step 3. Select Windows Live Mail and click Next. 

Step 4. Click Browseand locate and select the .eml file that contains the exported emails and click OK. 

Step 5. Click Nextto continue. 
Step 6. You may choose Selected folders or All folders for the import, and clickNext. 

Step 7. Click Finish. 

Once done, on the bottom-left pane of your Windows Live Mail, expand Storage folders and Imported Folder. The imported messages folders will be a subfolder in Imported Folder. You may open each imported messages folder to see the emails or move them to any folders to your liking. 

Note: If you do not see the Storage folders, just click on the View tab and click on the Storage folders item to highlight and have it available.

If you require any assistance, our Singaporeand AustraliaSupport Team is always available 24/7 to help you out. 

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Updated on July 3, 2020

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