Optimised Settings for WP Super Cache for WordPress

This article contains the step-by-step guide on how to optimise your WP Super Cache plugin for your WordPress website. You may also watch the Setup and Basic Usage of WP Super Cache Video Tutorial.

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Website


Step 2: Download, Install & Activate WP Super Cache

Under plugins, select “Add New”

Type in “WP Super Cache” in the keyword search bar, click “Install Now” for WP Super Cache

Once installed, click “Activate”

Step 3: Setup WP Super Cache

Under “Settings”, select “WP Super Cache”

By default, Caching is turned off. Click Caching On followed by selecting “Update Status”

Once done, select the “Advanced” tab

Check the following settings as per the screenshot

Cache Delivery Method: Change to “Expert”

Miscellaneous: Check “Don’t cache pages for known users(Recommended)”

Miscellaneous: Check “304 Not Modified browser caching. Indicate when a page has not been modified since it was last requested. (Recommended)”

Select “Update Status”

Scroll down and click “Update Status”

Scroll down to “Expiry Time & Garbage Collection”

Cache Timeout: Change to “14400” seconds

Select “Change Expiration”

That’s it! Your WordPress site will now be optimised with the recommended settings for WP Super Cache.


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