What is WordPress Heartbeat API and How to Control It

WordPress Hearbeat is an API that was introduced in early WordPress version. It sends continuous beats or pulse to perform time-to-time tasks. Browsers will then communicate with the server in real-time and provide information quickly to the WordPress Dashboard. It will allow WordPress to tell you when other authors are […]

How to Optimise My W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress

W3 Total Cache is a plugin in WordPress that improves the SEO and user experience for your website by increasing the website’s performance and reducing load times. This is by leveraging features like Content Delivery Network (CDN) integrations and the latest best practices. Here are the steps on how to […]

Email Forwarders

Email Forwarding refers to the operation of re-sending an email delivered from one email address to a totally different email address. This is available for all hosting accounts with Vodien. Here are some common use of email forwarders: Internal distribution list – e.g. staff@domain.com to forward an email to all […]