What is Traffic Booster

Traffic Booster is a powerful online marketing tool that is designed to make your life easier by handling a lot of the more technical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you want, check out our guide on how to submit your site with Traffic Booster. Do I need Traffic Booster? If […]

What Folder Should I Upload My Files

Note: The steps herein are for Linux hosting. If you have Vodien WordPress hosting, follow the steps to upload a WordPress website to WordPress hosting. When uploading your website files, you might be confused about which folder you should put them in on your hosting server. Whether you’re uploading your […]

How to Connect Your Domain to Your Website

If your domain name and web hosting are purchased from Vodien, your domain name is automatically connected to your website. However, if another provider hosts either of them, you need to connect your domain to your website manually. The same thing goes if you just changed providers. Follow the steps […]

How to Get Started with Simple SEO

Simple SEO is a tool that suggests action plans on what is best for your website to be on top of search engine rankings. Follow the steps below to use it.   Set up an SEO Project  Manage the Health Check Results   Build Your SEO Action Plan   Implement Your SEO Action […]

How to Submit Your Site with Traffic Booster

Traffic Booster is a tool that prepares and submits your website to commonly used search engines. The results of this submission still depend on how optimised your website is and how relevant it is to the keywords you have submitted.   Step 1. Check Your Website   This checks your […]

How to Manage Website Builder Features

Features on Website Builder are the elements that you can add to the webpage. Each type varies depending on the information you want to add, like pictures, text, and buttons. The following are the things that you can do to the Website Builder Features:   Add a Website Feature  Remove […]

How to Publish Site on Website Builder 

Publish your website for the first time to make it appear online. Publish it as well every time you make changes to it. Choose the set of instructions below whether to publish the site for the first time or publish it for the changes to be live.   Publish Site […]

How To Set Up Your Business Directory Profile

Skip the hassle of jumping from one platform to another to get your business information updated. With Business Directory, you can make your online business listing update centralized. When you make changes to your business profile in our Business Directory dashboard, our system will push the updated information to multiple local online […]

How to Access Online Marketing Hub

The Online Marketing Hub is the all-in-one platform where you can manage your key marketing tools like Traffic Booster, Business Directory, and Simple SEO.  Follow these steps on how you can access your Vodien Online Marketing Hub:  Log in to your Vodien account.  In the product menu, click any of […]

How To Create a Site in Website Builder

There are two ways to create a website in Website Builder:   With our help  On my own  With our help  This process requires you to answer questions about how you want your website to be. With your answers, the Site Wizard will suggest templates that you can use and generate […]