How to Log in to WHM

Note: WHM is only available for Vodien Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers . There are two ways to access the WHM login page. Either way, you can always access it via the port 2087.   Step 1. On your preferred browser, enter either of the links below and click Enter […]

What Happens to My Two-Year SSL Plan

Many Vodien customers prefer purchasing SSL Certificates for 24 months at a time. The reasons are to get discounts and to save time. It saves time in choosing an SSL package or waiting for approval from their respective financing committees.   Starting September 2020, browsers no longer accept SSL certificates that are valid for more than a year. This […]

How to Add an Email Signature in Windows Mail App

Setting up an email signature in your email client saves you time in entering it manually each time you send out an email. Follow the steps below on how to set up an email signature on your Windows Mail app.   Step 1. Open the Mail app on your computer. You can use the Windows search box to locate […]

How to Set Up Email Account in Windows Mail

Windows Mail is a pre-installed email application on your Windows device. Get it from the Microsoft Store if you can’t find it on your computer.   Follow the steps below on how to set up your email account on Windows mail app.  Email Hosting Accounts   Exchange/Microsoft 365 Email Accounts   Email Hosting Accounts Set up your newly created email address in […]

How to Clone a Website in Softaculous

Replicating or cloning a website made from open-source web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, among others, is easier via the Softaculous Apps Installer.   Softaculous is a cPanel feature where open-source web applications can be installed so that websites can be managed virtually. The website needs to be installed or imported to Softaculous first before the features can be available in the cPanel.    Cloning […]

How to Create and Set Permissions to PrestaShop Logins

The editing and updating of your Prestashop website can be assigned to your trusted employees. Separate logins can be created, and different permissions can be set for each. This article demonstrates:   Creating Another PrestaShop Logins   Creating Another Permission Profile Renaming a Permission Profile   Setting Permissions in Each Profile  Note: Only with an Administrator permission can make these changes. Creating […]

How to Install SSL Certificate in cPanel

Your SSL provider gives you the SSL certificate file after it is completely generated. Follow the steps below on how to install it in your cPanel.   Step 1.  Log in to cPanel.      Step 2. Click SSL/TLS under Security.  Step 3. Click Manage SSL sites.  Step 4. Under Install an SSL Website, select the Domain from the drop-down.   Step 5. Extract the zip file […]

How to Update a WordPress Theme

Just like your WordPress website version, it’s also important to make sure that your WordPress theme is up to date. This ensures security, compatibility and full functionality to your whole WordPress site. There are two ways on how to update your WordPress theme:   Update now Link Manual upload of updated theme  Important Note: Make sure this process […]

How to Create Wp-config.php File

A WordPress website locates its database with the help of wp-config.php file. This is usually created automatically when WordPress is installed. Just in case this file is accidentally deleted or missing, you can always create it by following the steps below:   Step 1. On your website’s root directory, create a file with a name of wp-config.php.   Step 2. Enter the code below. This […]

How to Set up Existing Website to Softaculous

Softaculous is a cPanel feature where open-source web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, among others, can be installed so that websites can be managed virtually. New installation of any web applications for a domain name with an existing website needs to be avoided to prevent the files from being overwritten. However, the existing website can still be imported to Softaculous.  You can do […]