How to Transfer Existing WordPress Site

You do not have to recreate your WordPress website from scratch when transferring it from another hosting company or from another Vodien account.   Simply follow the steps below on how to transfer your existing WordPress site to your WordPress hosting with Vodien:   Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager.   Step 2. Click on the WordPress button on the menu bar at the top of the page.   Step 3. Scroll down to Transfer […]

How to Create WordPress Staging Site

A staging site comes in handy if you are planning to make updates on a website that you don’t want to be live yet. You can apply and prepare those updates on a staging site while keeping the current website up and running.   Follow the instructions below on how to create the staging site on your WordPress hosting:   Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager.  Step 2. Click on […]

How to Add New WordPress Site to WordPress Hosting

If you are now ready to start creating your new website through WordPress, you need to manually add or set up the new website to your WordPress Hosting. Simply follow the instructions provided below:   Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager.   Step 2. Click on the WordPress button on the menu bar at the top of the page.  Step 3. Scroll down to New WordPress Site drop-down and click […]

How to Access WordPress Panel

After you have successfully added a new WordPress website or just transferred an existing one, you may now access its settings and do updates on your website.   The WordPress website can be edited in the WordPress Panel, also known as the WordPress Dashboard.   Accessing WordPress Panel via Account Manager The following steps are only applicable for WordPress hosting. Click here if you […]

How to Access Windows VPS Dashboard for ServerMule

ServerMule is one of the many brands integrated to Vodien system to make the billing interface and VPS (Virtual Private Server) access be more organized and accessible in one go.   This article will show you how to access and navigate through your Windows VPS dashboard using your Vodien Account Manager and your VPS dashboard.  Accessing Windows […]

How to Access Linux VPS Dashboard for ServerMule

ServerMule is one of the many brands integrated to Vodien system to make the billing interface and VPS (Virtual Private Server) access be more organized and accessible in one go.   This article will show you how to access and navigate through your Linux VPS dashboard using your Vodien Account Manager and your VPS dashboard.  Accessing the Linux VPS Dashboard Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager.   Step 2. Click VPS button on the menu bar […]

How to View My Backordered Domains

Backordered Domains are the domains you placed under our backorder service. These domains are either already taken, expired, or deleted — and can only be registered once they become available. If the domain expires within the time frame specified for your backorder and the current owner does not renew it, our system will attempt to […]

What Is a Domain Name Backorder

A Backorder is a specialised service that attempts to reserve a domain name that’s already taken, expired, or deleted. The Vodien Backorder system will scan and monitor the domain like a hawk, and aim to register it as soon as it becomes available. If the domain expires within the time frame specified for your backorder and the […]

How to Change the Main Domain on My Hosting

Important: Before you continue with the changes, make sure that new domain name you are switching to is already registered. And we recommend to create backups with your emails and your website for precaution. You can change the main domain of your Web Hosting or Email Hosting services. You may […]