How to Request for Commission Payout for Affiliates

Commission can be paid to you as Vodien Store Credit, any time. Store Credits do not expire and can be used to purchase or renew any product or service from Vodien. Alternatively, you may choose to have commission paid to your PayPal account. However, PayPal payments payouts are only processed on a monthly […]

How to Secure Referrals with the Affiliate Link

The Affiliate Program allows you to passively earn income from the sales of our products and services – resulting from advertising or promoting Vodien through direct links or social media banners. How does it work? Once you’ve created an account with Vodien, you automatically have access to Affiliate links. Use […]

How to Manage Domain Folders

Domain Folders allow you to organise your registered domain names and separate your personal domains from your business domains. In this way, having multiple domain names becomes easier to manage. Learn how you can access, create new, and manage Domain Folders within your Account Manager with the corresponding steps below: […]

Add New WordPress Site

Follow the instructions below on how to add a new  WordPress Site. Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager. Step 2. Click on WordPress category. Step 3. Click New WordPress Site. Step 4. Enter a domain or subdomain OR click Free domain so you can use the system generated domain name […]

How to transfer large WordPress files

This article will help you transfer large WordPress files to your WordPress Hosting. 1. Download all necessary WordPress backup: A copy of your WordPress website files A copy of your WordPress SQL database If you are using Files Manager in the cPanel, you can download large files. Read and follow […]